The Television Act

6 Oct 2014

How vague legislation created a pin-sharp television system

Fraud without end, Amen.

30 Sep 2010

The phone quiz scandal will run and run

One Born Every Minute (or ‘The premium rate phone scandal, continued.’)

20 Jul 2008

The premium rate phone scandal, continued

Brush Under Carpet

11 May 2008

Can TV shows be interactive?

Bad idea, good timing?

8 Apr 2008

Ofcom puts a quango out of its misery

After the horse has bolted?

1 Jun 2007

Big Brother fallout continues


1 Jun 2007

TV quizzes debacle

Attitude problem

1 May 2007

Big Brother and the future of regulation

High Noon at the TV Corral

1 Apr 2007

Murdoch vs Branson

BSkyB vs Virgin: The Wider Implications

1 Apr 2007

What will be the outcome of the BSkyB – Virgin Media bun-fight?

How to save ITV

30 Sep 2005

“The People’s Channel” is off-course and heading downstream to disaster, says Glenn Aylett

Four into three goes…

1 Apr 2005

Three regions, four contractors. How? Why? asks Richard G Elen

Never Mind The Quality

1 Jan 2002

The ruination of ITV, seen by Stephen Hopkins

Betraying The Viewer

1 Jan 2002

Kif Bowden-Smith thinks the ITC isn’t working


1 Jan 2002

Leave well enough alone, cautions James Barrington

Last Exit

1 Jan 2002

Richard Jones on Lord Hill vs TWW

Goodbye Britain

1 Jan 2002

Thatcherism killed TV-am, writes Russ J Graham

Never Go Home Again

1 Jan 2002

Dafydd Hancock on why dead stations never return

Lost Language of Art

1 Jan 2002

Television is an art form, says Russ J Graham

Vital vulgarity

1 Jan 2002

The Television Act 1954 didn’t create ITV, notes Russ J Graham

Southern Rhapsody

1 Jan 2002

Phil Paterson watches the IBA kill a station

The Good Fight

1 Jul 2001

Robin Carmody on Harold Wilson’s paranoia

Not our fault, squire

1 Feb 2001

Jeremy Rogers finds no-one to blame