The art of the title sequence: George & Mildred

23 Jul 2012

The twitches and turns of a comedy classic, as seen through a show’s title sequence

The Bill stops here

11 Oct 2010

Andrew Bowden notices it’s very strange to be living in Sun Hill

Somebody’s Watching Me

9 Sep 2010

Chase Erwin on ten years of living under Big Brother’s gaze

Back to the Late Shift

23 Jan 2010

NBC hasn’t learned its lesson not to alienate its viewers… or its talent.

Thirty Years of Grange Hill – Part III

25 Apr 2009

Popularity and hard hitting plots.

Thirty Years of Grange Hill – Part II

30 Nov 2008

The series is here to stay

Thirty Years of Grange Hill – Part I

26 Oct 2008

School’s out forever

Rise and fall of a comedy king

11 Feb 2008

Benny Hill and the winds of change in TV comedy

Cinema for television

8 Jan 2008

From ITC to Euston…

What The Papers Say: 50 years

30 Apr 2006

Granada is 50: we profile their longest-running programme

What The Papers Say: The People

29 Apr 2006

50 years of presenters & readers

Riding Through the Glen

22 Feb 2006

David Brockman tells the story of ITV’s earliest hit series


1 Feb 2006

The London Television Consortium had a hard lesson to learn

Making the Break

1 Dec 2005

Philip Stevens on making early ITV commercials

The Jazz625 Story

5 Oct 2005

Director Terry Henebery talks to Louis Barfe

Death of a Princess

2 Jul 2005

David Brockman on the controversy 25 years on

Strange Magic – 1

1 May 2005

Russ J Graham follows science fiction on TV – part 1

Strange Magic – 2

1 May 2005

Russ J Graham follows science fiction on TV – part 2

The God Slot

1 Feb 2005

David Brockman on British religious television

Suds or substance?

1 Dec 2004

David Hastings tracks the rise of the docusoap

For better or worse

30 Aug 2003

Perhaps television, on balance, was always awful, ponders Glenn Aylett

Everything I know

17 Jul 2003

…was taught to me by Blue Peter, says Russ J Graham

Southerner station

2 Jul 2003

David Brockman remembers the station that served…

Poetry in motion

14 Mar 2003

David Brockman on poetry replacing presentation

The Big Three

1 Jan 2003

David Brockman looks into a new genre from Anglia

Wrong-footed Four

1 Jan 2003

Carl Ellis on sci-fi and fantasy programmes on Channel Four

New horizons

1 Jan 2003

Carl Ellis on how satellite (nearly) always treats imports better

About Britain

1 Jan 2003

David Brockman on regional contributions of the ITV network

TV Asylum

1 Jan 2003

Carl Ellis looks into the world of import and export

Daytime Hours

1 Jan 2002

Andrew Hesford-Booth watches television during the day

Sharp Set

1 Jan 2002

Andrew Hesford-Booth on presentation comedy programmes

Black and White Lives

1 Jan 2001

David Brockman remembers monochrome

The Crossroads Option

1 Jan 2001

Kif Bowden-Smith on the workings of an optional network