Famous faces

20 Oct 2014

The six people who kept Londoners and Midlanders in the picture in 1963

New logo for London Weekend

18 Sep 2014

London Weekend relaunches in 1970

Dramatic, sinister and pretty

30 Jul 2014

How the Daily Mirror saw the new logos of 1968 to be

A phoenix from the flames?

7 Jan 2014

Could the last major outpost of in-vision continuity in the UK lead to a general rebirth of the style, asks Colm O’Rourke

Nevermind: Central pre-launch logo

4 Oct 2010

Russ J Graham looks at a ‘what might have been’ for Central Independent Television’s on-screen design

Nevermind: ATV Midlands unused design

4 Oct 2010

Russ J Graham on the ATV Midlands logo design that never was

Seeing U

27 Sep 2010

Colm O’Rourke assesses the renaissance of in-vision continuity on UTV

The Corporation at Christmas – BBC2

9 Mar 2008

BBC2 Christmas Idents, 2002 – Present

Three’s just a crowd

9 Mar 2008

Three’s New Look

The Corporation at Christmas – BBC1

11 Feb 2008

BBC1 Christmas Idents, 2002 – Present

The Corporation at Christmas – Intro

11 Feb 2008

BBC TV Christmas Idents, 2002 – Present

We interrupt this programme…

16 Dec 2007

In-Programme Pointers are here to stay.

30 Years Ago Today

1 Feb 2007

How has British TV changed after three decades?

Completing the circle

19 Oct 2006

BBC One – from globes to dancers to circles

Nevermind: GMTV

25 May 2004

The unused ‘Sunrise TV’ name and symbol

Too Much Choice

24 May 2004

Annoying ways of getting your attention

Compromising the brand

24 May 2004

Bad branding or bad programmes?

All new nonsense

24 May 2004

The habit of slapping “ALL NEW” on everything

Ringing the changes

24 May 2004

Don’t blame the agency

All or nothing

24 May 2004

The BBC3 logo that comes and goes

Identity crisis

24 May 2004

At Independent Television

Who killed the continuity announcers?

24 May 2004

We ask the question

Two Little, two late

24 May 2004

A relaunch for BBC-2


24 May 2004

Modernity vs those things that have always been done

The generic chainsaw

24 May 2004

ITV’s bulk presentation is bad for you

Everybody Dance Now

24 May 2004

A positive view of BBC One’s globe replacement

Square Dancing

24 May 2004

A negative view of the new look BBC One

Good DOG, bad DOG

24 May 2004

Good on-screen bugs

E4 emperor

24 May 2004

The best in modern presentation?

Five fallen

24 May 2004

The new ‘five’ is awful, apparently

Little arrows

24 May 2004

How Granada pointed the way

Back down to Earth

24 May 2004

Goodbye to the BBC One globe

Southwest blues

24 May 2004

The changes of style in a small region

New dogs, old tricks

24 May 2004

Finding old habits die hard. Good.

Central electricity

24 May 2004

The genesis of a new service for the Midlands

CBBC Circle

24 May 2004

How to brand output for children

All changes

24 May 2004

The changes of style in a major minor

Clocking off

24 May 2004

Telling the time on television

Indepth on ABC Weekend Television

24 May 2004

The three section triangle

Indepth on ATV Network

24 May 2004

The shadowed eye

Colour my life

24 May 2004

Watching BBC-1 change to 625 colour

Design for life

24 May 2004

An interview with designer Alan Scragg

Drifting south

24 May 2004

The changes that have split the south

Down in front

24 May 2004

The important information was at the start of the programme