A pause in programming

By Russ J Graham

Junctions between programme blocks were not always that tight when the overall programme time was limited by law. However, if something were not shown the necessary action would have been to close down, invoking what would be a long-winded procedure to account for a few minutes break. Thus the interval had its place on ITV and disappeared only in the early 1970s after the limits on broadcast hours were lifted.

So if you have a few minutes to spare sit back, look at the following and wait.

Watch the time fly by on Teledu Cymru.

Harlech have just popped out to put the kettle on and will be back with a nice cup of tea.

"On Air" was the name Granada gave to its programme rundown and local news items segment.

Schools programmes over, it's almost time for "Granada in the North", another programme rundown and local news mix.

This Southern slide really whets the appetite.

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