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All the stations, all the times

  • Most famous on-air name
  • Company name or other names
  • "Notable slogan"
  • Region, dates on-air (reason for change)
  • ABC
  • Associated British Cinemas (Television) Limited; Associated British Corporation
  • "ABC, your weekend TV"
  • Midlands Saturdays & Sundays 1956-1968 (region abolished)
  • Pan-North Saturdays & Sundays 1956-1968 (region abolished)
  • ABC
  • Associated Broadcasting Company Limited
  • London weekends 24 September 1955 - October 1955 (renamed)
  • Anglia
  • Anglia Television Limited
  • "From East Anglia The One To Watch"
  • East of England and Lincolnshire All Week 1959-1974 (region modified)
  • East of England only All Week 1974-2002 (lost identity)
  • Associated-Rediffusion
  • AR-TV; AR
  • "Giving London the best of all television"
  • London Mondays to Fridays 1955-1964 (renamed)
  • ATV
  • Associated Television Limited
  • London Saturdays & Sundays 1955-1966 (company renamed)
  • Midlands Monday to Friday 1956-1966 (company renamed)
  • ATV
  • ATV Network Limited
  • "The Entertainment Network"
  • London Saturdays & Sundays 1966-1968 (region abolished)
  • Midlands Monday to Friday 1966-1968 (region abolished)
  • Midlands All Week 1968-1981 (lost franchise)
  • Border Television
  • Cumbria and South Scotland 1961-2002 (lost identity)
  • plus Isle of Man 1965-2002 (lost identity)
  • Carlton
  • Carlton UK Television Limited
  • "At the heart of the ITV network"
  • "A talent for television"
  • London Mondays to Friday evenings 1993-2002 (lost identity)
  • Midlands All Week 1999-2002 (lost identity)
  • Carlton Broadcasting
  • Carlton Broadcasting in the West Country
  • South West England All Week 1999-2002 (lost identity)
  • Central
  • Central Independent Television Limited
  • "The one to watch"
  • "Let's get together"
  • Midlands All Week 1982-1999 (lost identity)
  • Channel 3 North East
  • Tyne Tees Television Limited
  • "Come home to Channel 3 North East"
  • North East England All Week 1996-1998 (changed on-air name)
  • Channel Television
  • Channel islands Communications (Television) Limited
  • Channel Islands All Week 1962-present
  • GMTV
  • Good Morning Television Limited; ITV Breakfast Limited
  • Breakfast Television (0600 to 0925) 1993-2010 (replaced by 'Daybreak')
  • Grampian Television
  • North-East Scotland VHF then North Scotland UHF
  • All Week 1961-2006 (lost identity)
  • Granada
  • Granada TV Network; Granada UK Limited
  • "From the North"
  • Pan-North Mondays to Fridays 1956-1968 (region abolished)
  • North West England All Week 1968-2002 (lost identity)
  • Harlech Television
  • Bilingual Wales service All Week 1968-1971 (changed name)
  • General Service in English All Week 1968-1971 (HTV West launched)
  • HTV
  • HTV Cymru/Wales; HTV Wales; HTV West
  • Bilingual Wales service All Week 1971-1982 (launch of S4C)
  • English-language Wales service All Week 1982-2002 (lost identity)
  • West of England All Week 1971-2002 (lost identity)
  • Independent Television Service for Wales and the West
  • Independent Television Service
  • General Service for Wales and West of England
  • All Week March-May 1968 (Harlech starting broadcasting)
  • Independent Television Service Teledu Cymru
  • Wales (bilingual)
  • All Week March-May 1968 (Harlech started broadcasting)
  • London Weekend Television
  • London Weekend; LWT
  • "Your weekend ITV"
  • London Friday Evenings to Sunday 1968-2002 (lost identity)
  • Meridian Broadcasting
  • South and South East England
  • All Week 1993-2002 (lost identity)
  • Rediffusion London
  • Officially Rediffusion, London
  • Rediffusion Television Limited
  • "London's Television"
  • London Mondays to Fridays 1964-1968 (operations combined with ABC's to form Thames
  • STV
  • Alternating with Scottish Television as on-air name
  • "The art of television"
  • Central Scotland All Week 1957-present
  • North Scotland All Week 2006-present
  • Southern Television
  • "The station that serves the south"
  • Southern England All Week 1958-1964 (change of on-air name)
  • Southern Independent Television
  • "The station that serves the south"
  • Southern England All Week 1964-1981 (lost franchise)
  • Teledu Cymru
  • Wales (West and North) Television Limited
  • "You're watching Teledu Cymru, for Wales"
  • North and West Wales All Week 1962-1964 (in administration)
  • Part of TWW 1964-1968 (lost franchise)
  • Thames Television
  • "A talent for television"
  • London (Monday morning-Friday Evening) 1968-1992 (lost franchise)
  • TSW
  • Television South West
  • "Television Simply Wonderful"
  • South West England 1982-1992 (lost franchise)
  • TV-am
  • Breakfast Television
  • (various times, eventually settling at 0600 - 0925) 1983-1992 (lost franchise)
  • TVS
  • Television South; TVS Television
  • "For the best view of the South"
  • South and South East England 1982-1992 (lost franchise)
  • TWW
  • Television Wales and West
  • Wales and West
  • England General Service All Week 1958-March 1968 (lost franchise, early exit)
  • Welsh Service (Teledu Cymru) All Week 1964-March 1968 (lost franchise, early exit)
  • Tyne Tees Television
  • "Tyne Tees people"
  • North East England
  • All Week 1959-1996 (renamed on-air)
  • All Week 1998-2002 (lost identity)
  • UTV
  • Ulster Television
  • "Your TV"
  • Northern Ireland
  • All Week 1959-present
  • Westcountry Broadcasting
  • South West England All Week 1993-1999 (lost identity)
  • TSW trading as Westward Television
  • South West England August-December 1981 (became TSW in own right)
  • Westward Television
  • "You're watching, you're listening, to Westward"
  • South West England All Week 1961-August 1981 (lost franchise, early exit)
  • Yorkshire Television
  • YTV
  • "YTV - Your TV serving six million viewers"
  • Yorkshire All Week 1968-2002 (lost identity)
  • plus Lincolnshire All Week 1974-2002 (lost identity)

Points from the Post

It's rather misleading to suggest that "Television Simply Wonderful" was some sort of TSW slogan - this phrase was uttered only once by guest presenter Lennie Bennett on the opening show on 1 January 1982; it was never used on screen or as part of the station's official branding or a slogan.

Various slogans were used over the years as part of TSW on-screen promotions. From memory, these included:

"Where There's News, There's TSW" (on-air news promo in 1982)

"You're At Home With TSW" (on-air image promo featuring TSW announcers in a cosy living room)

"TSW - ITV For The South West" (on-air station promo)

"TSW - For The South West" (car stickers)

Mikey B

Posted 9:40 PM, 29 September 2012

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This list isn't designed to be completely comprehensive of slogans used by the ITV companies, more just to give a flavour of them, plus their dates. "Television Simply Wonderful" may have been used just the once, but it has become iconic of TSW itself, and nothing else does better at summing up the station's verve at launch.

Russ J Graham

Posted 5:02 PM, 30 September 2012

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