ITV 1967

By Russ J Graham

ITV in 1967

Several points to notice about ITV in 1967. First, although the vast majority of the population was covered and the network was complete, the majority of the land mass was not covered - below 50% in both Wales and Scotland.

The dual regions stand out: North, comprising of Lancashire, Cheshire and Yorkshire is covered by Granada on weekdays and ABC on weekends. ABC also appear on weekends in the Midlands (this region extends much further east today) with ATV on weekdays. In London, Rediffusion has weekdays while Saturdays and Sundays belong to ATV.

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Points from the Post

Independent Television Regional Companies from 1955-68 for The last 13 years.

ABC Television(North of England-Midlands)(Weekends),Anglia Television(East Anglia),Associated-Rediffusion Television(London Weekdays),ATV(London Weekends-Midlands Weekdays),
Border Television(The Borders & Isle of Man),Channel Television,(Channel Islands),Grampian Television(North East Scotland),Granada Television(North West England)(Weekdays),Scottish Television(Central Scotland),Southern Television(Central Southern-South East England),T.W.W.(South Wales & West of England,Tyne Tees Television(North East England),Ulster Television(Northern Ireland),Westward Television(South West England),Independent Television News(ITN)& ITCA.

When The Three Original ITV Companies ABC-Rediffusion & T.W.W To Be Replaced by HTV,LWT,Thames & Yorkshire Television since 1968.

1981 We Said Goodbye to ATV,Southern & Westward Television for the final time on ITV Stations and also replaced by TV South,Central TV South West on Friday January 1st 1982.

Great Memories of The Original ITV Regional Programme Companies from 1955-68.

Terry Christie,from Sunderland,Tyne & Wear

Terry Christie

Posted 8:14 PM, 6 April 2014

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