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Now it’s jingle all the way

Published 22 January 2018

A good jingle can sell you anything – in 1957, at least

The Advertisements

Published 13 July 2017

The Robert Fraser Lectures [4/5]: the first Director-General of the Independent Television Authority wonders how TV advertising will work in 1955

Commercial television: They’re buying in Britain

Published 26 June 2017

What are the prospects for the new ITV? A US magazine finds out in early September 1955

► The Plain Man’s Guide to Advertising

Published 17 March 2017

Bob Godfrey’s 1963 surreal mix of advertising tropes

Commercials? You’ll love ’em!

Published 1 February 2016

‘The Viewer’ in 1959 explains television advertisements to a new audience

Less is more

Published 21 January 2016

Broadcast and basic cable in the US decides how to fight back against Netflix

12 ads of Christmas

Published 29 November 2015

The Guardian’s pick of this year’s Xmas adverts

Take that, Thames

Published 24 July 2014

LWT tries to strike back