The compleat Burkiss Way

By Mike Brown

An episode guide the the most underrated radio comedy

Burkiss Way

Lesson Series 1 TX date
01Peel Bananas The Burkiss Way27/08/76
02Pass Examinations The Burkiss Way03/09/76
03The Burkiss Special with James Burkiss10/09/76
04Solve Murders The Burkiss Way17/09/76
05Keep Unfit The Burkiss Way24/09/76
06Win Awards The Burkiss Way01/10/76
Lesson Series 2 TX date
07Influence Friends and Win People The Burkiss Way15/12/76
08Plan Christmas Schedules The Burkiss Way22/12/76
09Gain Spiritual Fulfilment The Burkiss Way29/12/76
10Govern Britain The Burkiss Way05/01/77
11Journey into the Unknown The Burkiss Way12/01/77
12Make Short Comedy Programmes The Burkiss Way19/01/77
13Commemorate Jubilees The Burkiss Way26/01/77
14Do You Know What The Burkiss Way02/02/77
15Skive From School The Burkiss Way09/02/77
16Get Off With Life The Burkiss Way16/02/77
17This Is Your Life The Burkiss Way23/02/77
18Become a Rock Star The Burkiss Way02/03/77
19Replace The Burkiss Way09/03/77
Lesson Series 3 TX date
20Discover Gravity The Burkiss Way15/11/77
21Get Cut Off the Bur...22/11/77
22Succeed in Business The Burkiss Way29/11/77
23Son of The Burkiss Way6/12/77
24One Hour to The Burkiss Way13/12/77
25Not to be Opened Until Christmas The Burkiss Way20/12/77
26First Prize The Burkiss Way27/12/77
27Around the World The Burkiss Way3/01/78
28Ignore These Programme Titles The Burkiss Way10/01/78
29Complain About The Burkiss Way17/01/78
30Not The Burkiss Way24/01/78
31Bruce's Choice31/01/78
32Start New Series The Burkiss Way31/01/78
33The Last Burkiss Way7/02/78
34The Next to Last Burkiss Way14/02/78
Lesson Series 4 TX date
35Remember The Burkiss Way2/04/79
36Rise From The Grave The Burkiss Way9/04/79
37Is Britain Going The Burkiss Way? (part 1)16/04/79
38Is Britain Going The Burkiss Way? (part 2)23/04/79
39aRepeat Yourself The Burkiss Way30/04/79
39bRepeat Yourself The Burkiss Way7/05/79
40Avoid Like The Plague The Burkiss Way14/05/79
Lesson TX date
41Eric Pode of Croydon's Easter Special26/12/79
Lesson Series 5 TX date
42The Man From The Burkiss Way11/10/80
43Sack The Burkiss Way18/10/80
45Write Extremely Long Programme Titles...1/11/80
46Settle Out Of Court The Burkiss Way8/11/80
47Wave Goodbye to C.B.E.s The Burkiss Way15/11/80

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Radio Comedy



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