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Following the sad news about Sir Christopher Chataway, we republish this 2005 interview with him remembering ITN's opening night

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TWW (1958-1968)

TWW (Television Wales and the West) was the original broadcaster for South Wales and the West of England, and went on air after several delays on 14 January 1958 from the St Hilary transmitter. From Pontcanna in Cardiff and later Bath Road in Bristol, TWW was the first ITV company to serve two countries (officially) and transmitted in both English and Welsh. TWW was the first and last ITV company to win an Oscar, for their 1962 documentary on Dylan Thomas. In 1964 the blushes of the ITA were spared when TWW effectively rescued the franchise from the ill-fated WWN (also known as Teledu Cymru), the first ITV company to go to the wall. In 1965, TWW began a new all-Wales service, also known as Teledu Cymru. The rescue of WWN did not, however, mean that TWW was guaranteed to keep its own franchise and in June 1967 it was announced that TWW were to lose their franchise to a consortium formed by the upper echelons of Welsh and West Country society, headed by Lord Harlech, Richard Burton and others. The accusation was that TWW had been too London-centric, even though its programmes had recently won awards, and praise from the ITA. The feeling was that although TWW did well, they could have done better. Shocked and incredulous, TWW yielded their last months to Harlech Television and bowed out early on 4 March 1968. Land of Song was the most famous TWW programme, networked once a month until August 1964.

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