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What next for ITV?

Allen survives ITV challenge but pressure remains The fact that two organised attempts at a non-hostile ITV takeover should fail aren't at all surprising: ITV still isn't weak enough to be desperate for such a move, and recent asset disposals...

Quality vs Cash

The Independent: The sooner we lose analogue, the better Media Guardian: Television's no-brainer "Digital TV shouldn't just offer more TV; it should offer more good TV." The words of Creative Industries minister, James Purnell writing in the Independent. He goes...

Survey Signing Surprise

Media Guardian: Confusion over TV signing Ofcom: Television Access Services Review If there's one topic that's certain to raise an argument on some message boards, it's someone wandering in and ranting about the "little man stood there waving their hands...

Four remaining

BBC and Channel 4 dominate RTS awards Full list of winners Numbers don't often tell a story, but in this case they can tell you a great deal about the current state of British broadcasting. The BBC and Channel 4...

The battle for TV3

Media Guardian: ITV faces battle for control of Ireland's TV3 Emmerdale at 7pm, followed by Corrie at 7:30. There's another show at 8pm but it's back to Corrie half an hour later. Nope, not tonight on ITV1, but tonight on...

Goodbye Grampian

Grampian TV axed in Scottish relaunch Say what you want about the use of a predominantly single ITV brand in England, but with the sole exception of LWT (which technically speaking is now an irrelevance) ITV plc still hasn't gone...

Overstretching Time

There's a long television tradition for getting an 'expert' to pronounce on-screen in a documentary series about their specialist subject: it goes back to Kenneth Clark's marathon 13-part Civilisation in 1969 and beyond. The latest example is Michio Kaku, one...




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