Articles by TBS Editors

Storify: what’s wrong with BBC commissioning and scheduling

Published 27 Mar 2012

BLOG: A discussion on Twitter about the BBC’s incomprehensible scheduling policies of late

The strange case of HD Thames

Published 29 Jan 2012

BLOG: An interesting exchange on Twitter about a strange subsidiary of Thames from its post-franchise days

Necrolog 2011

Published 31 Dec 2011

BLOG: A list of some of those we have loved and lost in 2011.

Season’s greetings from Transdiffusion

Published 24 Dec 2010

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from all of us at Transdiffusion

Launch Dates: Independent Local Radio

Published 19 Dec 2006

The original contractors in the real ILR system

Launch Dates: BBC Local Radio

Published 13 Dec 2006

On and off with BBC LR

Myths about the BBC

Published 7 Dec 2005

Power cuts, BBC Two, The Avengers and more.

Myths about ITV

Published 7 Dec 2005

From across the country, another batch of myths

Myths about Idents

Published 7 Dec 2005

The misconceptions of presentation

Myths about news programmes

Published 7 Dec 2005

ITN, Panorama and more

Myths about technical stuff

Published 7 Dec 2005

The myths that are no technicality.

Myths about programming

Published 7 Dec 2005

The misconceptions about the bits between the idents

ITV’s Programme Guide

Published 1 Jan 2004


Review of the Year: 2002

Published 15 Dec 2002

The Transdiffusion team take a look at the past year in broadcasting. Five alive October saw Channel 5 join the club of stations rebranding. The station, now renamed ‘five’, took…

Introducting Studio One

Published 1 Dec 2002

Television and cinema collide

Review of the Year: 2001

Published 15 Dec 2001

That was the year that was, it’s over, let it go

Famous Faces

Published 15 Aug 2001

Station stars sailing the seven seas

Gallery: BBC World Service Television

Published 14 Jun 2001

The predecessor to BBC World News

Gallery: Belgium

Published 14 Jun 2001

Flemish and French language stations from Belgium

Gallery: Czech Republic

Published 14 Jun 2001

CT1 and CT2

Gallery: France

Published 14 Jun 2001

A tour of French stations from the 1980s and 1990s.

Gallery: Netherlands

Published 14 Jun 2001

Pillars of public service broadcasting.

Gallery: Pan European

Published 14 Jun 2001

Sky, Superchannel and more

Gallery: USA

Published 14 Jun 2001

The other side of the pond

Gallery: Other Countries

Published 14 Jun 2001

And now a visit to some other countries


Published 14 Jun 2001

The communist answer to Eurovision

The Mythchaser

Published 11 Jan 2001

Busting those ABC myths

ABC Ident 1960

Published 11 Jan 2001

On screen in the early 60s

ABC Ident 1967

Published 11 Jan 2001

On screen in the late 60s

S4C’s past in pictures

Published 1 Jan 2001

S4C’s early days in pictures