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Coming soon, Transdiffusion plans a new phase in our on-going archiving project.

We plan to digitize much more of the archive than we've so far managed. The raw images, video and sound will go on a special website where we'll use the latest in collaborative editing models to let you - yes, you right there reading this - see the archive material, download it, catalogue it, make mash-ups from it, do whizzy cleaning-up of the pictures or sound if you're good at that type of thing, and generally get knee deep in all our monochrome (and colour) goodness.

There'll be guides on how to clean stuff up, guides on how to catalogue, guides on what's missing and what can be added or taken away. There'll be a friendly area to ask questions about the stuff and provide answers.

Doesn't this mean that others will be doing Transdiffusion's work for them? Yep. We're all volunteers, and there aren't enough of us. Or, more truthfully, there are plenty of us but no way of getting the archive to the plenty and the plenty all over the archive. This is how we're going to do it: throw it up online and let people get on with it. And we'd like you to be one of those people.

Stay tuned and we'll be back with more information just as soon as the scaffolding is down around this bit of Transdiffusion's huge evil empire small corner of the internet.

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