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Tonight’s BBCtv… in 1968

Published 13 Nov 2014

What was on BBCtv on Wednesday 13 November 1968

Tonight’s BBCtv… in 1968

Published 22 Oct 2014

What was on BBCtv on Tuesday 22 October 1968

Tonight’s BBC-1… in 1965

Published 21 Oct 2014

What was on BBC-1 on Monday 25 October 1965

Tonight’s BBCtv… in 1968

Published 12 Oct 2014

What was on BBCtv on Saturday 10 October 1968

Tonight’s BBC Television Service… in 1957

Published 30 Sep 2014

What was on the BBC Television Service on Monday 30 September 1957

Tonight’s BBCtv… in 1968

Published 8 Sep 2014

What was on BBCtv on Sunday 8 September 1968?

Tonight’s BBC-1… in 1964

Published 29 Aug 2014

What was on BBC-1 on Saturday 29 August 1964

Tonight’s BBCtv… in 1990

Published 26 Aug 2014

What was on BBCtv on Sunday 26 August 1990

Tonight’s BBC-1… in 1965

Published 26 Aug 2014

What was on BBC-1 on Thursday 26 August 1965

The BBC in 1982

Published 15 Jun 2014

A BBC leaflet sent out with paper licences in 1982 gives us an outline of its history, organisation and policy

BBC-2 News

Published 15 Jun 2014

BBC-2 News for Spring 1968 brings you all the 625 and colour information you need

BBC Digital – April 1999

Published 15 Jun 2014

What you can see from the BBC in the new, exciting world of digital television


Published 6 Nov 2013

BLOG: More power to your what now?

Undermining BBC trust

Published 9 Sep 2013

BLOG: Looking deeper into the BBC Trust

Dear America: this is not the BBC

Published 13 Aug 2013

BLOG: This is supposed to represent the BBC?

Storify: what’s wrong with BBC commissioning and scheduling

Published 27 Mar 2012

BLOG: A discussion on Twitter about the BBC’s incomprehensible scheduling policies of late

BBC Four saved…at a price

Published 26 Feb 2012

It’s one thing wanting the closure threat of

Celebrating 75 Years of BBC Television

Published 9 Nov 2011

The 75th Anniversary of the launch of the BBC Television Service from Alexandra Palace was commemorated by a small party at AP on Wednesday 2 November, 2011. Richard Elen was there to describe the scene.

BBC News 24 timelapse video

Published 16 Aug 2011

Can you believe it but ten years ago BBC News 24 rebranded and went all beige? Okay, so it’s rebranded several times since and now isn’t even called BBC News…

BBC Strikes

Published 4 Nov 2010

As I type it’s about two hours to go before the start of a 48 hour walkout by BBC members of the NUJ union as part of a protest about pension changes at the broadcaster. The walkout is expected to affect most of the Corporation’s news and current affairs output with high profile casualties likely to include the Today Programme and Newsnight, as well as BBC One’s news bulletins and the BBC News Channel.

I’m Proud of the BBC

Published 15 Oct 2010

Well Mitch Benn is. So proud he’s made a song to tell everyone.

Most people like the BBC as it is

Published 3 Mar 2010

Although the article leads on a poll result that suggest that the majority of the UK population are “broadly in favour” of the proposed BBC cuts, a new poll published…

Murdoch claims independent journalism threatened by “dominant” BBC.

Published 28 Aug 2009

BBC News: Murdoch attack on ‘dominant’ BBC So James Murduch, the head of NewsCorp in Europe, says a dominant BBC damages independent journalism in the UK. The hypocrisy of that…

BBC expenses: Still nothing to write home about

Published 17 Jul 2009

Despite protestations from a number of Guardian/Observer readers (and the odd columnist) that there wasn’t much of a story in BBC executives’ expenses, now here’s a second round. There is even less of a story this time.

For local news, switch to BBC One

Published 28 Apr 2009

Ofcom head Ed Richards sounds death knell for ITV regional news Yes we know that the media industry is going through hell at the moment – and this is particularly…

Why does the Guardian sell more copies at the BBC?

Published 28 Oct 2008

Stephen’s post, They would say that, wouldn’t they? mentions that the branch of WH Smiths in the BBC’s Television Centre, sells, as a percentage of all papers sold, a disproportionate number of copies of The Guardian compared with the country overall.

Future-proofing the BBC

Published 22 Jun 2008

TV must change with the times

What would happen if we didn’t fart? CBBC will tell us!

Published 23 May 2008

There is absolutely no doubt at all. Not one bit. You can guarentee that is there’s one programme that’s going to set the “decline of broadcasting” brigade off, it’s new CBBC programme Gastronuts, which, according to the Guardian, will “encourage kids to stew worms, catch farts in jars and bake toenail cakes”.

The Corporation at Christmas – BBC2

Published 9 Mar 2008

BBC2 Christmas Idents, 2002 – Present

BBC Three, relaunched

Published 13 Feb 2008

Last night was an important occasion for BBC Three, as it unveiled both a new(ish) schedule and a whole new look for the channel. The blob idents became history with…

The Corporation at Christmas – BBC1

Published 11 Feb 2008

BBC1 Christmas Idents, 2002 – Present

The Daily Mail and BBC bashing.

Published 27 Jan 2008

Every independent media commentator knows that the Daily Mail is a conservative newspaper with a well established line in BBC bashing. I have previously documented myself just how desperate the…

How to make the BBC fit for the twenty-first century?

Published 22 Jan 2008

A top-sliced licence fee will trigger the BBC’s destruction Whether de-coupling the licence fee from the BBC is the way forward or not (and I personally have my doubts), I…

Selling off the BBC

Published 8 Jan 2008

Outsourcing is not privatisation

Repurposing the BBC

Published 18 Oct 2007

Thompson tells BBC staff of cuts plan It’s still difficult to know exactly what to make of Mark Thompson’s plans for the future of the BBC, but the overall impression…

BBC One Controller resigns!

Published 5 Oct 2007

Well, here we go again. In the wake of “Queengate”, the controller of BBC1 Peter Fincham has resigned with Roly Keating taking over on a temporary basis. It wasn’t that…

Revolution at the BBC

Published 3 Oct 2007

The birth of Radios 1-4

The BBC Sells Out

Published 2 Aug 2007

BBC Corrupted by Microsoft Free Software Foundation plans protest against “corrupt” BBC BBC Trust backs calls for Linux iPlayer So, let’s look at this story in a little more detail….

The BBC Sells Out?

Published 1 Aug 2007

A recent blog entry on the web site, under the headline “BBC Corrupted by Microsoft” bemoans the latest development in copy protection. What it is fundamentally about is that…

Should the BBC do more in-house?

Published 13 Jul 2007

Well, it’s one angle that hasn’t been explored a great deal by the rest of the UK media (another writer has suggested it briefly here). As has been pointed out,…

Report gives BBC News a (reasonably) clean bill of health

Published 24 Jun 2007 On the way home Friday evening, The Now Show, among its other targets, took a pot-shot at ITV. One of the comics spoke about a visit he’d made in…

The future of BBC HD

Published 23 May 2007

BBC high definition television channel Public Value Test (PDF) Contained within this PDF document are some interesting facts about the planned future of the BBC’s HD TV service, and in…

No more Neigbours on the BBC

Published 18 May 2007

BBC pulls out of Neighbours fight And the hot story on Ramsey Street this week is that the BBC has withdrawn from the bidding for the programme, after contract renewal…

The folly of flogging BBC Broadcast

Published 7 May 2007

Regular readers of EMC MediaBlog will recall that the BBC decided to spin off BBC Broadcast, its broadcast arm, as a self-contained company. Now called Red Bee Media, the former…

The Many Lives of BBC Radio Sport

Published 9 Apr 2007

Glenn Aylett looks at sports coverage since 1945