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Articles from March 2006

What next for ITV?

Published 31 Mar 2006

Allen survives ITV challenge but pressure remains The fact that two organised attempts at a non-hostile ITV takeover should fail aren’t at all surprising: ITV still isn’t weak enough to…

Haldane Duncan Part 6: The Glendhu Factor – 2

Published 31 Mar 2006

Haldane Duncan learns never, ever to mess with a bear

Switching Signals

Published 31 Mar 2006

Imagine switching on the TV and finding that two major channels had swapped names. It happened in 1980s Australia…

Regionalism: A spent force?

Published 31 Mar 2006

Regional federalism was the foundation of ITV. Should we mourn its passing? Maybe not.

A Broader Aspect

Published 31 Mar 2006

Confusion surrounding TV aspect ratios has all happened before…


Published 29 Mar 2006

Who did what

Assorted Presentation

Published 29 Mar 2006

Anything else

Promotions and Trailers

Published 29 Mar 2006

Promoting programmes

And now, the weather – Part 2

Published 29 Mar 2006

Weather in the 2000s

Studio 4

Published 29 Mar 2006

The continuity studio

And now, the weather – Part 1

Published 29 Mar 2006

Weather in the 1990s

North East Tonight – Part 8

Published 29 Mar 2006

Mike Neville leaves

North East Tonight – Part 7

Published 29 Mar 2006

The programme leaves City Road

North East Tonight – Part 6

Published 29 Mar 2006

North East Tonight goes corporate

North East Tonight – Part 5

Published 29 Mar 2006

Several new looks

North East Tonight – Part 4

Published 29 Mar 2006

A new clone of “Tonight”

North East Tonight – Part 3

Published 29 Mar 2006

Going minimalist in 2000

North East Tonight – Part 3

Published 29 Mar 2006

The end of News at Ten changes everything

North East Tonight – Part 1

Published 29 Mar 2006

Mike’s switched

1991 Ident

Published 29 Mar 2006

The post ITV era

Tyne Tees News & Tonight

Published 29 Mar 2006

United branding

Network North

Published 29 Mar 2006

The south gets its own programme

1988 Ident

Published 29 Mar 2006

Computer animation arrives at TTTV

Tyne Tees Today

Published 29 Mar 2006

Corporate rebranding

Nothern Life in pictures

Published 29 Mar 2006

A pictorial guide

1979 Ident

Published 29 Mar 2006

Tyne Tees’s most famous ident

Northern Life

Published 29 Mar 2006

Tyne Tees’s longest running news programme

Early News Programmes

Published 29 Mar 2006

News in the early years

Jobs for the taking

Published 29 Mar 2006

Seeking employment

Quality vs Cash

Published 27 Mar 2006

The Independent: The sooner we lose analogue, the better Media Guardian: Television’s no-brainer “Digital TV shouldn’t just offer more TV; it should offer more good TV.” The words of Creative…

Survey Signing Surprise

Published 27 Mar 2006

Media Guardian: Confusion over TV signing Ofcom: Television Access Services Review If there’s one topic that’s certain to raise an argument on some message boards, it’s someone wandering in and…

Other Newsreaders

Published 26 Mar 2006

Newsreaders past and present

Barry Bhalti

Published 20 Mar 2006

Broadcasting expert, second to none

Four remaining

Published 15 Mar 2006

BBC and Channel 4 dominate RTS awards Full list of winners Numbers don’t often tell a story, but in this case they can tell you a great deal about the…

The battle for TV3

Published 13 Mar 2006

Media Guardian: ITV faces battle for control of Ireland’s TV3 Emmerdale at 7pm, followed by Corrie at 7:30. There’s another show at 8pm but it’s back to Corrie half an…

Haldane Duncan Part 5: Haldane’s Hogmanay

Published 10 Mar 2006

It’s 1990, and Haldane is asked to revive STV’s flagging New Year show

Goodbye Grampian

Published 2 Mar 2006

Grampian TV axed in Scottish relaunch Say what you want about the use of a predominantly single ITV brand in England, but with the sole exception of LWT (which technically…

Haldane Duncan Part 4: The Glendhu Factor – 1

Published 1 Mar 2006

Haldane Duncan takes the high road to the soaps

Never Baffled

Published 1 Mar 2006

A-R’s Captain profiled

Thomas Brownrigg

Published 1 Mar 2006

Captain of Associated-Rediffusion

Children’s air

Published 1 Mar 2006

Younger television viewers of the early 1950s had their very own startup

Overstretching Time

Published 1 Mar 2006

There’s a long television tradition for getting an ‘expert’ to pronounce on-screen in a documentary series about their specialist subject: it goes back to Kenneth Clark’s marathon 13-part Civilisation in…