The Epilogue 

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Ah the end of the broadcasting day. Programmes have come to an end. Just time for a little religious thought and inspiration before that last look at the clock. Yes, it’s time for the epilogue.

Tonight’s epilogue comes, funnily enough, courtesy of 100 Greatest TV Moments From Hell, or something similar. Either way it was a Tyne Tees programme for Channel 4 and one of the amazing moments in TV that was mentioned was the epilogue. And this being a Tyne Tees production, the clips featured came direct from the Tyne Tees archive.

Introduction caption with epilogue title Countryside scene with the name of the vicar presenting The Reverend Nixon on the Middlesborough studio

From the ‘Proper Propagation’ set of epilogues, it’s ‘The Wind Bloweth Where It Listeth’. Your vicar, The Reverend David Nixon who is sat in the Epilogue’s rather beige and cheap looking Middlesborough studio.

Countryside Christian titles The Countryside Christian set

With a little re-adjusting, the Epilogue set becomes home to ‘Countryside Christian’. Middlesborough obviously put a lot of effort into the set design.

'Monday's Child' welcome caption Simple blue set with presenter

Quite why a set of people sitting in a large terrace was chosen to introduce the theme of ‘Monday’s Child’ is anyones guess, but the plain blue set does at least look a little better than the old Middlesborough brown set.


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