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BRT clock

BRT (later BRTN, later still VRT) – National channel in Flemish.

BRT testcard

Kids programmes on BRT1

Morning programmes on BRT1

The devolution in Belgian society along language lines continues with two separate state broadcasters providing 2 services each in their own language.

BRT = Belgium Radio/Television; BRTN = Belgium Radio/Television in Dutch; VRT = Flemish Radio/Television

RTBF 1 and 2 – National channel in French

RTBF1 ident

Good night from RTBF1

RTBF 2 in earlier days

The separation is so total that RTBF “went commercial” some years before BRTN even considered it. This may be to do with the competition – RTBF v TF1 and BRTN v Nederland 1.

The ’21’ ident is from Tele21, identified by correspondent Nathalie Decker as a previous identity for RTBF2.

RTBF = Radio/Television Belgium in French

The above pictures were caught – mainly through DX reception – in the 1980s

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