Sound and vision

ATV London starts the day with a rousing march from Eric Coates

The War Game

The Director-General steps in and bans broadcast of a docudrama

Men of Harlech (ironically)

Teledu Cymru starts the day in 1965

A new forest romp

The last gasp of the old-style start-up from one of the last new IBA companies


The physical networking arrangements of early ITV

Rising star

Associated-Rediffusion starts the day with pomp and circumstance

Testing, testing, 3, 5, 5

Swinging Radio England and Britain Radio – two ‘forgotten’ pop pirates.

From the very north

Start each day with the north-eastern Scotland contractor

Everybody out!

Remembering the strike-torn, strife-worn, cold, wet and miserable… 1980s

I found my thrill on Beulah Hill

Reaching for the service area

Happy ending

A forgotten BBC gem

ITN faces

Some famous ITN faces of the 1960s

Tonight’s ITV… in 1974

A look at what was on Independent Television on 10 October 1974 – election day

Tonight’s ITV… in 1955

What was on ITV on Thursday 22 September 1955

Tonight’s Rediffusion London… in 1965

What was on Rediffusion on Wednesday 28 July 1965

Tonight’s Rediffusion London… in 1965

What was on Rediffusion on Tuesday 27 July 1965

In pieces

Channel 4’s new look examined

Just for openers…

Channel 4 celebrates ITV30

For the want of a museum

A British museum of television and radio would be nice

Joy Beverley (1924–2015)

The eldest of the three Beverley Sisters has died