The wool and the scouse

In 1980, the Daily Telegraph reports on a challenger for Granada

Tonight’s Southern TV… in 1968

What was on Southern on Sunday 18 August 1968

How to use testcard F

From 1967, the BBC gives instructions on how to use the new colour testcard

Tonight’s Border TV… in 1971

What was on Border on Monday 16 August 1971

Welcome to Sky

How Sky welcomed new analogue viewers in 1996

The Copenhagen Plan

March 1950, and it’s time to retune your radio

Dramatic, sinister and pretty

How the Daily Mirror saw the new logos of 1968 to be

That’s except for viewers in the midlands

Regional variations apply to Monty Python’s Flying Circus in 1971

Getting 2 colour

The BBC encourages us to tune our sets correctly for BBC-2 and colour in 1968

Take that, Thames

LWT tries to strike back

The day television caught fire

The big event that brought television into the lives of the masses

Eye in the sky

The development of intercontinental satellite television

Latest from the Blog

The success of Hunt’s local TV

The UK’s new local TV network is shaping up well. Honest.

Tap, Tap… Is this thing on?

BLOG: Oh hello. Yes, we’ve had the decorators in thanks.

David Brockman 1954-2014

BLOG: Details of the funeral arrangements for our friend David Brockman

Lack of choice

BLOG: From rumours to facts – BBC Three is on the closure list