TV canteen

TV Mirror pays a visit to Lime Grove’s studio canteen in 1954

This announcing business

A 1954 interview with the BBC Television Service relief announcer Noƫlle Middleton

Job description

How to be a Granada announcer in 1969

Start here

A beginner’s guide to broadcasting history

Central eyes

The struggles – at company level, in the studios and with politicians – as ATV became Central

Who killed Simon Dee?

Once Britain’s biggest star… and then gone. Why?

Back Bone Cheer

The BBC finally fights back against its critics

Trouble with transmitters

Setting up ITV gets serious: transmitters (or the lack of them) in 1954/5/6

Logotastic ’65

The fantastic cover of the 1965 ITA yearbook

A snog from Europe

A topical trip to the French archives

Coz I eats me spinach

A history of the ever-present schedule filler cartoon

Trade test travelogue

A tour around the bits in between the testcards

Tonight’s Anglia TV… in 1974

What was on Anglia on Sunday 30 June 1974

Tonight’s TV… in 1966

A look at what was on television and radio on 23 June 1966

Tonight’s TV… in 1967

A look at what was on television on 17 June 1967

Tonight’s ATV London… in 1956

What was on ATV London on Sunday 20 May 1956

Election night viewing and listening

What’s on TV and radio on 7 and 8 May 2015

Jackie Trent 1940-2015

Songwriter and singer Jackie Trent has died

Central Appreciation Day

Did you enjoy the eclipse? Why not enjoy some more?

Shaw Taylor 1924-2015

Shaw Taylor has died