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Following the sad news about Sir Christopher Chataway, we republish this 2005 interview with him remembering ITN's opening night

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Border (1961-2002)

Coming on-air on 1 September 1961, Border served Cumbria, parts of Northumberland, Southern Scotland and the Isle of Man. The region is one of the smallest population-wise on the ITV network. Border broadcast from studios at Eastern Way in Carlisle via the transmitters at Caldbeck, serving mainly England, and Selkirk, serving mainly Scotland. Further transmitters at Whitehaven and Richmond Hill filled gaps in the very hilly region.  Due to its small size, Border contributed little to the ITV network, but was best known for the seventies quiz show Mr and Mrs, hosted by Derek Batey.  Locally, the best known programmes were Border (News and) Lookaround,  Border Sports Action,Look Who's Talking and Border Heritage. Famous presenters at a local level were the former host of Lookaround, Eric Wallace, Derek Batey and Keith Macklin.  Clive Champney was the chief announcer at the station from 1961 until 1987. Border was also unique in that it was the only ITV region to serve two countries without being a dual region and had to balance its programming and presenters between England and Scotland.

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