London Weekend

The cuckoo in the nest re-invents the daily start up

ABC Weekend TV (North)

In the Midlands and the North, the ultimate TV station starts the day

Granada TV Chelsea

Practical Television in 1958 looks at Granada’s branch studio in London

Westward progress

Practical Television in March 1962 looks in-depth at Westward’s almost-complete studio complex

Is coin-in-the-slot TV the answer?

The BBC’s senior superintendent engineer gives us a peek into the future of TV: pay-per-view… in 1954

TV canteen

TV Mirror pays a visit to Lime Grove’s studio canteen in 1954

This announcing business

A 1954 interview with the BBC Television Service relief announcer Noëlle Middleton

Job description

How to be a Granada announcer in 1969

ITN faces

Some famous ITN faces of the 1960s

Beacon car crash

When a phone-in programme goes disastrously wrong

In good voice for their calling

The TVTimes in August 1959 interviews ABC’s John Benson and Mitchell Raper

Join the dots

Wales (West & North) Television’s dotty life

Tonight’s Rediffusion London… in 1965

What was on Rediffusion on Wednesday 28 July 1965

Tonight’s Rediffusion London… in 1965

What was on Rediffusion on Tuesday 27 July 1965

Tonight’s Anglia TV… in 1980

What was on Anglia on Friday 25 July 1980

Tonight’s ABC North… in 1963

What was on ABC North on Saturday 13 July 1963


There’s only one BBC

Edward Heath night

A treat for archive TV fans on Sunday 26 July

Election night viewing and listening

What’s on TV and radio on 7 and 8 May 2015

Jackie Trent 1940-2015

Songwriter and singer Jackie Trent has died