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Following the sad news about Sir Christopher Chataway, we republish this 2005 interview with him remembering ITN's opening night

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TSW 1982-1992

Television South West, aka TSW, began broadcasting under the Westward name in August 1981, launching their brand on 1 January 1982.  Broadcasting to the South West, they ended up changing practically nothing, after planning to change practically everything.  All that did get changed was the logo, from the classic “Golden Galleon”, to something that resembled rolling hills and a river.  Having replaced Westward for the licence, they were replaced themselves by Westcountry Television in 1993.  Famous names at the station included Derek Hobson, Sue King, Ian Stirling, Kenneth McLeod and Roger Shaw.  Whilst not known for network programming, TSW contributed editions of Highway, Morning Worship and About Britain, as well as producing Treasures Of The Mindlord, Tube Mice, Sounds Like Music and the infamous That’s My Dog.  TSW also contributed programming to Channel 4.

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