Rolling news, radio style

The Guardian in 1992 reports on a new BBC 24-hour news radio station

Wave of the future

In 1972, TV Guide asks if cable television will catch on in the US by offering original programming

Relay race

Comparing VHF and UHF

Five into four won’t go

Transmitter problems for Yorkshire, Tyne Tees and Anglia


When Rediffusion ended, Rediffusion did not end

Famous faces

The six people who kept Londoners and Midlanders in the picture in 1963

With Umbrella, Scotch and Cigarettes

In an exclusive extract from their new book, Richard McGinlay and Alan Hayes take us through the choices ABC made before and during the first series of The Avengers

Tonight’s Granada TV… in 1966

What was on Granada on Wednesday 16 November 1966

Tonight’s BBCtv… in 1968

What was on BBCtv on Wednesday 13 November 1968

Tonight’s ATV Midlands… in 1965

What was on ATV in the midlands on Friday 29 October 1965

Tonight’s ABC Midlands… in 1965

What was on ABC in the midlands on Saturday 23 October 1965

Genome genius

The BBC’s wonderful new searchable listings archive

Video: Covering the West

From the sales department of Westward Television

The day the Earth stood still

A video of all the main US networks’ output as 9/11 happened in 2001